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From Homer to folk tales and local legends, oral tales and spoken stories have a long tradition of enchanting audiences both ancient and modern, young and old. Now you can experience the magic with Tom the Tale Teller.
Tom's storytelling is fully flexible. As an experienced storyteller he can offer you a wealth of tales from most genres involving anything from Native American creation myths to Medieval legends of Kings, Queens and gallantry. Tom's Tales are fully engaging using props encouraging children to have fun but also to ignite their imagination and develop their learning by focusing on stories with moral fables. The stories are as interactive as possible using sing a longs and the 'story stick' which means an audience can pick a story using pictures provided.

Tom can also provide sets of stories of either 1 hour or two 45 minute halves for adults. Titles include; Heroes and Lovers, The Lighter Side of Death and Do You Feel Lucky?

Stories to engage and entertain

Tom the Tale Teller can offer a wide range of storytelling from adult tales to story walks, these include:

  • Children's parties and events , where children are encouraged to interact with the stories, and engage with the moral teachings
  • Stories and songs , a campfire experience perfect for youth groups such as scouts and guides. Children can engage in the oral tradition of campfire stories with interactive sing a longs, action songs and stories
  • Adult storytelling , storytelling isn't just something for children to enjoy, due to the flexibility of oral stories there is something to suit all groups, perfect for everyone and anyone from parties with a difference to your local book club
  • Story walks , generally held around Leicestershire, but can expanded further. Story walks engage with the local legends of your community bringing your town or village to life. Each area has its unique folk tales and Tom will give you a guided tour. Perfect for local youth groups, schools or for those who want to share their heritage with their friends
  • Carnivals, Fetes and Fairs , Tom the Tale Teller can bring something unique to your local show. For a prearranged fee Tom can set up his story tent and tell tales to any and all who want to be taken to magical other worlds.Bring something different to your communities annual event and book Tom the Tale Teller
  • Libraries , Tom the Tale Teller is currently bringing his unique stories to libraries around Leicestershire and everyone is invited. To find out where your nearest performance is or to book Tom at your local library, contact us
  • Storytelling in Schools , has built up an outstanding reputation and Tom's school projects have really begun to expand. Perfect for teachers and kids clubs looking to engage their students in a new way

    Tom is happy to answer any questions, so please don't hesitate in contacting . To see what previous happy audiences have thought of Tom's storytelling take a look at some testimonials .

    Story Teller Tom Phillips acting out a story

    To listen to one of Tom's Tales, book a session by calling:
    07843 255384

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