Storytelling in Schools

As an experienced teacher, Tom the Tale Teller can bring his unique storytelling skills to the classroom, devising tailored and engaging lesson plans to perfectly complement your curriculum.

Tom the Tale Teller is run by Tom Phillips, a seasoned teacher who has many years of experience working with children. As a result of his professional insight he is in a unique position to understand what you and your students need from his sessions. Not only is he perfect for providing something different to engage the children with his skill in providing amusing and interactive oral fables but he also devises his lessons to fit with the current curriculum.
His unique stories complement the growing emphasis within the current primary school curriculum of oral storytelling and traditions. His sessions help to develop and engage pupils speaking and listening skills and help to improve general confidence. Choose Tom the Tale Teller to give your class something new and exciting, whilst being assured of the quality of his teaching.

Engaging, exciting and educational

Give your students a new and exciting way to learn with Tom the Tale Teller. He can provide storytelling in schools in a number of different ways including:

  • Story Sessions , 45 minutes - 1 hour of thematic stories tailored to their topic to help inspire their work
  • Bedtime Stories , 45-60 minute session designed for all primary classes. It will consist of a space being set up with bedside lamps, a chair, pillows and blankets to make a comfy area for listening to stories. The children will come to the  sessions in their night wear and listen to stories from around the world told in the oral tradition.
  • Tales from the Tent , Large enough to fit a full class inside and decorated with blankets and bunting, the story tent is a unique and enchanting place to sit and listen to stories told in the traditional, oral way.
  •  Viking stories from a real-life Skald , a 45 minute session full of re-telling's of classic Norse epics whils dressed in character as a Viking Skald
  •  Bespoke tales , Any session can be adapted to suit any theme, just ask.

Tom the Tale Teller is an experienced teacher who prides himself on being able to engage and help all students from the shy and timid to boisterous and loud. His flexible stories help to engage each individual child's unique personality.

To find out more about Tom's previous school collaborations, have a read of our testimonials . If you have any questions regarding Tom visiting your school then please feel free to contact him with any questions, he will be happy to meet you to discuss it further.

Camp fire stories with teacher and story teller Tom Phillips in the countryside

Help your pupils to engage and learn with Tom the Tale Teller, call: 07843 255384

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